Crane Hire Options 

Spider Crane Hire take Health and Safety as paramount, which is why we operate under the following: 

* CPA terms and conditions, Construction Plant Hire Association 

* Working within BS7121, The Safe Use of Cranes 

* LOLER 1998, Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment 

The CPA states that there are two types of options available for crane hire, They are:

Option 1 – CPA Crane Hire 

Your responsibilities: 

* Carry out all work in accordance with BS7121. 

* Supply the ‘appointed person’ 

* Ensure the crane hired is of suitable type and capacity 

* Provide insurance for the crane, all personnel and goods being lifted. 

Our Responsibilities: 

* Provide a crane that has been properly maintained, tested and certified. 

* Provide a certified operator. 

Option 2 – CPA Contract Lift Crane Hire 

Your responsibilities: 

* That all work is undertaken in accordance with BS7121. 

* That the contractor is to supply the “appointed person” 

* What information and/or services will be provided to the contractor by the employing organisation. 

Our Responsibilities: 

* Provide the appointed person. 

* Planning the lifting operations inclusive of all necessary paperwork in accordance with BS7121 

o Method Statements 

o Risk Assessment 

o Lift Plan 

* Providing fully compliant crane with Operator, Slinger/Signaller and Crane Supervisor 

* Providing insurance 

o Employers Liability 

o Public Liabilty 

o Goods being lifted insurance up to £25,000 

Still not sure on which option suits you best then answer these simple questions to assist you further:

If you answer no to any of the following questions you will require a contract lift operation: 

1. Has the lifting operation and safe access route to the set up position been planned by a competent(appointed) person? 

2. Will you have a competent person (Crane Supervisor) who will supervise the lifting operation for you? 

3. Will there be a competent person (Slinger/Signaller) on site to attach, guide and detach the load? 

4. Can you confirm a Risk Assessment of the lifting operation has been carried out and documented? 

5. Will a written lifting plan, including a drawing showing where the crane is to be positioned in relation to the load and other relevant site features be prepared? 

6. Can you confirm that the written lifting plan (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) will be briefed to the Crane Operator by the Crane Supervisor before lifting commences?